Be proactive

Sickle cell disease has a widespread impact, affecting your body, your mind, and your social life. Because of that, managing your sickle cell disease may feel overwhelming. Remember that small steps may make a difference in managing the condition.

Helpful tips for living with sickle cell disease

See a hematologist, someone who specializes in blood disorders like sickle cell disease.


Talk to a doctor regularly about managing sickle cell disease. You can use the Generation S Doctor Locator to find a doctor who treats patients with sickle cell disease.


When a pain crisis happens, seek medical help.


Wash your hands, eat safely prepared food, and get vaccines to avoid getting sick.


Try to avoid very hot or very cold temperatures.


Stay hydrated (drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day) and eat healthy foods.


Remember that you’re not alone—health care teams, family, and friends can help you with the emotional and social challenges of sickle cell disease.


Consider joining a support group to learn and share tips about living with sickle cell disease.


Try to reduce or avoid stressful situations, get plenty of rest, and work with a doctor to create an exercise plan.

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